View of Georges Island in Halifax Harbour through abandoned hangar, Nova Scotia (Canada) (© Christophe Rivet

View of Georges Island in Halifax Harbour through abandoned hangar, Nova Scotia (Canada) (© Christophe Rivet


Christophe Rivet PhD, Principal

With over 20 years of practicing heritage conservation, protected heritage area management and government relations, Christophe Rivet brings a diversity of experiences from across Canada and the world.

He worked for many years for Parks Canada, leading multi-disciplinary projects at national historic sites and national parks as well as developing pan-Canadian conservation standards for archaeological sites. He also worked at Environment Canada developing and implementing the departments strategic matters with industry, academia, and governments in Atlantic Canada. He led a multi-displinary team of strategic advisors to build relationships with national and international partners and advance the federal government’s environmental objectives.

He has also been actively involved in World Heritage matters both as an advisor and a practitioner in Canada and abroad. Christophe has extensive hands on experience working with communities, various levels of government and First Nations. He is an active member of ICOMOS Canada.

He holds a doctorate from the University of Leicester, a master's in heritage conservation from the Université de Montréal, and a bachelor's degree in anthropology/ archaeology from McGill University.

Cultural Spaces Consulting can bring professionals with varied backgrounds in history, archaeology, architecture, urban planning, anthropology, and environmental conservation to a team or project. It has access to some of the best experts in the country.


Cultural Spaces Consulting is a network of practitioners in Canada with international experience in the conservation of a wide range of types of heritage and innovative approaches to sustainability of cities.

We are planners, historians, conservation architects, archaeologists, anthropologists, art historians, policy advisors, sustainable tourism experts, environmental specialists working together.



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