We specialize in strategic work and complex issues analysis. We are professionals who can analyze complex policy, cultural, social, environmental and economic issues to deliver on a range of cultural heritage conservation activities. We provide analyses with concrete, realistic, professional, and ethical guidance that meet Canadian and international standards.


World Heritage

From consideration, to nomination, to management, our experts have first-hand experience with all aspects of the World Heritage programme.

Strategies and Policies

Our cultural heritage work focuses on helping with the big picture of conservation. Developing the right strategies and policies to guide the conservation of sites or your project in relation to a cultural heritage site, makes the bigger impact.

Training and workshops

We can provide basic training as well as more specialized workshops in relation to World Heritage subjects as well as values-based conservation subjects. A range of other training on more specialized topics may be available.


Other specialized services

We can provide a range of other specialized services that can meet your needs, including translation and validation of policies (French, English), reports, strategies and analyses.