Training and workshops

Our experts have experience developing and delivering training to professionals on a breadth of subjects.

© Christophe Rivet - Old Québec City (Canada)

© Christophe Rivet - Old Québec City (Canada)

Technical training in World Heritage

Learn from experts who have worked on all aspects of a nomination to understand the real life application of the different concepts that guide the nomination and management of sites, such as:

  • outstanding universal value (OUV);
  • authenticity and integrity;
  • governance;
  • management and conservation;
© Christophe Rivet

© Christophe Rivet

Training in values-based conservation

Today's conservation approaches are based on the values associated with a place. Whether these places are designated by government or people informally recognize them as special, a values-based conservation approach helps design the best methods to preserve them.

If you want to understand the basics of contemporary heritage conservation or if you need more specialized discussions, we can prepare training that includes:

  • developing statements of significance;
  • preparing management and conservation plans;
  • consultation processes;

This training can be tailored to a variety of audiences, from professionals, to decision-makers, and a broader public.